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Asp multiple if statement

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You may also compound the statements using elseif to have multiple conditions tested in sequence. End if Else If . You should use this construction if you want to select one of ASP Statement(s) when this condition2 is NOT met. . This dual use of the equals operator is confusing to many, but it might help you to remember that in ASP you cannot set the value of variables within If Statements Free HTML CSS JavaScript DOM jQuery XML AJAX Angular ASP .NET PHP SQL ThenElse statement - select one of two sets of lines to execute; IfThen. Aug 7, 2009 - IF RS.Fields("StudentStatus").Value="" Then IF rs.Fields.Item("fieldname").Value>=2.00 Then . else response.redirect("ident.asp") End If Split that one line DIM statement into two lines (or kill the second If there are many statements to execute as a truthful result of the condition, you should write the statements on alternate lines. Else . END IF. Home · Forum · Program Your Site · Classic ASP; multiple conditions in an if statement This is a classic asp page pulling data from an oracle database) I basically but if I think I get it then can you not use two nested if statements:. The following shows a graphical representation of the above nested IF structure example:. I rechecked it many times it doesn't seem that there is any thing missing with my if-else statements. Mar 7, 2010 - I'm new in ASP development. <%if rs2("pID")=3 AND rs2("pID")=4 then Response. Of course, you can use thisEND IF. End IF May 11, 2012 - For that I have used If-elseif-else statement.
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